Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Chapter In Optical Woes Is Written

Macy has been complaining of headaches for over a week now. This of course screamed "eye doctor" at roughly 1,000 decibels. Yesterday I took her to see our optometrist.

Macy's headaches are being caused by weakened ocular muscles which cause her to be slow in focusing. When she has to change from looking at something close to her (such as a piece of paper she is reading) to something farther away (like the chalkboard), her eyes work extra hard to quickly adjust. As the day wears on the muscles get tired and she gets headaches.

To fix this, the doctor has prescribed Macy bifocals. Yes, bifocals, the preferred accoutrement of old people everywhere. Hopefully they will work and in time she won't need them anymore. If not, there may be some therapy in her future (though the doctor says she sees this quite a lot and the glasses fix it over 90% of the time).

The good news is that kid bifocals don't have the big line under them that scream "I can't see anything, no matter how near or far!". Macy took about ten minutes to find a set of frames she liked and seems okay with the whole thing. As for me, I'm amused more than worried.

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