Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'll Have The Soup, A Mai Tai, And Oh, A Handlebar Mustache

Donna, her brother Ryan, and I settled in for lunch at the Raffle Cafe inside Mandalay Bay this afternoon. We had just taken in the Shark Reef exhibit and were ready for some food after watching all those carnivores. We chose the Raffle because the other 73 restaurants in the hotel were full of Lowe's salespeople, who were in town for some sort of convention. As far as I could tell, Lowe's spokesman and Lex Luthor actor Gene Hackman was not in attendence.

It turned out to be a great lunch. Donna had some tomato soup that hit the spot. Really, really good, apparently. As we were being seated, a large man with a weathered complexion, tattoos, and a shock of white, close cropped hair (with a handlebar mustache to match) was getting up from the next table. I recognized him, but it was Ryan who was excited. So excited he let the guy walk away. I chased him down and got him to pose for a picture:

Ryan with Paul Teutul of American Chopper

That's three celebrities we've met on this trip (along with my new friends Penn and Teller). Not bad!

Oh, and what made this lunch so great for me?

I ordered a Mai Tai with lunch and the waitress brought me two. That' right. 2-for-1's. Best Lunch. Ever.

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