Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fargo Preparing For The Worst

Fargo mayor Dennis Walaker declared a state of emergency yesterday as the city gears up for another possible flood fight. It's considered a formality, a way to speed up the process of getting federal help if the worst happens.

Walaker is on record as saying he thinks all the dire spring predictions are premature and I agree with him. Bits and pieces of the area flood every spring. You put a city on a flat, open plain, situate it next to a river, and bombard it with snow and sub-freezing temperatures every winter and you're going to get a lot of water come springtime. That water has to go somewhere. Last year it went everywhere.

Last year, though, the National Weather Service downplayed the risk and gave overly rosy forecasts that they ramped up each week until we were underwater. I think this year they are desperate to avoid taking criticism for being too optimistic and so are compensating too far in the other direction. To read some of the reports this year, we're going to need an ark.

I think in the end it will be okay. We'll get some minor flooding (like we always do) and everything will return to normal. If not, well, I suppose I'll be out sandbagging again. The great thing about this prediction is everyone is hoping I'm right.

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