Thursday, February 25, 2010

Board Games Used To Pass Intelligence, Oscar Buzz To Allied POWs

Snopes has an entry on a British game supplier smuggling maps and other items to allied POWs during WWII. I immediately imagined Colonel Hogan and Kinch and the guys pulling one over on Klink at Stalag 13. Maybe receiving the coordinates of a supply convoy stuffed in the shoe while Schultz was busy passing GO and shrieking that he landed on the damned Income Tax square again. It also got me wondering what other games could have been rigged up to fight the good fight against the Nazis.
  • Scrabble This one is easy. A few strategically-placed markers on the letter tiles and you could send all sorts of useful messages. Safe house, 1634 Rue Couilliard, St. Martin. There's a stash of grenades in the big tree by the guardhouse. "Going My Way" beats "Double Indemnity" for Best Picture -- WTF?!? The possibilites are endless.

  • Clue Professor Hitler did it in the theater with the rope. That he's cutting at the opening ceremony on June 18th at 8:00 pm in Berlin. Bring poison.

  • Mystery Date Very handy for passing in the identity of agents provocateur. Could backfire if a passing guard notices that the high school quarterback date looks a lot like Hans, the new liason officer. But he's so dreamy!

  • Chutes and Ladders Not such a great tool for espionage, but if you can get the guards to play you might be able to escape after they fall asleep from boredom.

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