Thursday, November 19, 2009

Temperature Is Just A Number

The video of Al Gore claiming that the temperature of the core of the earth is millions of degrees reminds of just why I believe the call to fight global warming climate change is really rooted in the desire to win plaudits and make money.

If you don't know enough about the planet you're supposedly trying to save to understand things like "how hot does it get in the middle" and you're not interested enough to find out, it doesn't do much to inspire confidence. To get on television and basically talk out of your ass is funny, but not particularly inspiring.

Of course, it also makes me remember the Futurama episode where Lrrr (leader of Omicron Persei 8!) threatens to destroy the earth if an ancient television show is not rebroadcast:

Wait, I know her.

You do not, you big fat liar. You don't
know anyone. All you do is watch TV.

That's where I know her from. She's
Jenny McNeal. She was a character on
a TV show back in the 20th century,
Single Female Lawyer.

Well if they're hoping to see a TV show
that hasn't existed for a thousand years,
pfft, they are royally boned.

We will raise your planet's temperature
by one million degrees a day, for five
, unless we see McNeal at 9pm tomorrow
-- 8 central!

Al, you and Lrrr have much to discuss.

Update: The text above incorrectly identifies Lrrr as the "leader of Omicron Persei 8". His preferred title is "ruler of Omicron Persei 8". Pocket Jacks regrets the error.

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