Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy, Happy Halloween

The weather didn't cooperate on Friday so we skipped the Haunted Farm this year. It rained in the morning, snowed in the afternoon and turned cold and windy at night. Oh well. Instead, Donna and I got dressed up and headed to a local watering hole to have a drink and dinner with friends. We got several compliments on our get-up, which can be summed up shortly as "zombie parents" and can be described more thoroughly with this (click to enlarge):

We met up with friends Kelly and Debbie, who proved to be more in tune with current macabre celebrity news than Donna and myself:

After a couple of beers and a couple hundred compliments on our hilarous takes on both dead celebrities and the zombie mythos, we headed out to a halloween party in Moorhead that involved this:

I stupidly left my camera in the truck when we first went in, so there is no video record of Debbie doing "Thriller", but perhaps that is for the best. No mere .avi file could possibly capture the magic.

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