Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spot The Missing Sentence

Here are some recent news articles. Each one has a sentence missing. See if you can figure out what they are (answers at the end):

  1. Prof Busted In Columbia Gal 'Punch'
  2. St. Louis Protects SEIU
  3. 'Pro-Gun' States Lead The Nation In Per Captia Firearm Death Rates
  4. After The Wall Tumbled
  5. Obama Pays Tribute To Fall Of Berlin Wall


  1. "This is being prosecuted as a hate crime."
  2. "Charges against the attackers are pending."
  3. "States with more guns have more incidents related to guns -- who woulda thunk it?"
  4. "Most of those predicting dire futures for central Europe weren't happy when communism failed."
  5. "The U.S. President wasn't present at the ceremonies as he was engaged in visiting Ft. Hood working on the N1H1 vaccine shortage winning governorships in New Jersey something else.

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