Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Hard Being Right All The Time

After the Fort Hood shooting, I wrote the following:

The other thing I'd mention is this: I am expecting to see stories in the next few days painting this incident as a case for gun control. After all, the expected narrative goes, if a base full of gun-toting professional soldiers can't stop a gunman, why should we expect a bunch of armed civilians to do so?

And verily, it did come to pass:

From the Brady Campaign:

“America has seen an epidemic of horrific gun violence at churches and synagogues, workplaces, health clubs, high schools, universities, police stations and now Army bases. This latest tragedy, at a heavily fortified army base, ought to convince more Americans to reject the argument that the solution to gun violence is to arm more people with more guns in more places. Enough is enough.”

Chicago mayor Richard Daley:

“Unfortunately, America loves Guns. We love guns to a point where that uh we see devastation on a daily basis. You don’t blame a group.”

There are others, but the gist is the same: we need more gun control. No, we don't.


  1. More and more people get injured or killed each year in crosswalks....Clearly, we need to ban crosswalks!

  2. LOL !! I love this line from that article: "these swords become dangerous weapons in the wrong hands." So do stones or toothpicks !! I hope they never aired MacGyver in the UK!