Friday, January 7, 2011

The Wedding Diaries (Part I): In Which A Date Is Selected

As you may be aware, there are impending nuptials in the new year.  No, not Prince William and Kate Middleton.  No, not whoever Jennifer Aniston is trying to marry this week.  I'm talking about the other big wedding slated for 2011: Donna and I.

A lot goes into a wedding, even one which is, as compared to some, a relatively simple affair.  Cakes, dresses, flowers, food, guest lists, invitations, music, not to mention a budget to rein all this in.  But the one thing that must be sorted out first, the decision from which all other decisions must flow, is a date.  This necessarily means picking a venue.

We had a few places on our list, through it got whittled down fast.  One place is already booked for the dates we wanted (and backed up with a long waitlist for each date) despite our being told that bookings couldn't be taken until January 1st.  This means that either hundreds of people started dialling the phone at midnight as the ball dropped, or this place is full of crap and lets "special people" (read: friends) book whenever they want and tells other people to go screw themselves.

At any rate, it has come to pass that our public shackling special day will be...

Saturday, September 24th 2011 at a friend's house.  (Cue trumpets)

Oh, I should also point out that "a friend's house" is actually "A Friend's House", a rentable venue for such events, and not someone's back yard.  It's a beautiful place with a little church that apparently gets around more than I do.  Check out the website to get the historical info.

This venue has everything we wanted: an outdoor option (with the ability to take it indoors if necessary), a large play area for kids, the ability to host a barn dance, plenty of parking.  The only drawback we saw was its location; it's not exactly in the heart of downtown Fargo.  Oh well, you can't have everything I guess.

Anyway, anouncements will be going out in the next couple of months, and I'll be adding posts here as the planning progresses.  We already have a few other decisions made, but I'll keep those for another day.

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