Saturday, October 16, 2010

Child Of The Corn

This year was Macy's first trip to some of our area's spooky attractions.  She's been begging me to go for a couple of years now and this is the year I thought she was ready for the sheer terror that only teenagers in costumes with chainsaws can bring.  First of course was to decide on costumes for us; this is my Halloween and we like to get dressed up.

Unlike past years where we decided to either mix a little humor with the horror or go with straight-out silliness, 2010 was a year for pure scary.  It was decided early on to incorporate our recent engagement into the proceedings, so we settled on a menacing bridal party with me as the groom, Donna as the bride and Macy as our undead flower girl.  After dealing with the usual problems with finding women's costumes not dual-used as streetwalker attire we remembered there was a thing called the internet and we were off.  Donna was in charge of makeup.  She has a second career in Hollywood if the technical writing thing doesn't work out.

Not pictured: my failed attempt to make it to 40 without painting my fingernails.

That's Donna: always smiling.

First stop was the Haunted Farm where Macy got punk'd by a guy hiding right near the entrance.  Though her heart was beating around 400 beats per minute, that didn't stop her from getting surprised by the same guy as we went out.  She had a blast (we all did, really).  I refused to tell her what was waiting for her -- they change things up a little bit every year, but the basic layout of the farm is the same -- and you know Macy: she always wants to go first.

Afterwards we went to try out the area's Haunted Corn Maze.  We'd never been; man that place is huge!  It's laid out pretty nice; you can get lost for a bit, but eventually you find the right path.  There's all kinds of mini haunted building along the way along with a bridge that you at first go under then later cross.  It was so big that it was a bit much to do in the same night as the Haunted Farm.  Next year will break it up into two nights.

The great thing about dressing up for this is all the compliments you get from the people working the attractions.  We were told a few times we had seasonal jobs waiting for us if we wanted them.  We also scared more than one group wandering the corn maze who thought we were already moonlighting.

I'm happy to report Macy had a great time getting scared and slept like the dead (heh) when we got home.  No nightmares to report and I think she will want to go again next year. 

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