Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wii Wii Wii All The Way Home

While we were bravely hiding from the latest deluge of snow over Christmas, Donna and I (and her family) spent a lot of time playing with her Wii. Donna's mother bought it for her grandkids. Well, actually she bought it for herself in order to keep from strangling her grandkids when they come over. But anyway, we played the crap out of it.

Mostly we played Wii Sports, which included boxing, golf, bowling, baseball and tennis. While I am currently undefeated in boxing, it was tennis that consumed us. Ryan, Donna's brother, and I stayed up until 4:30 in the morning after Christmas playing against besprited hell harpies with tennis rackets. In the process we upped our ranking to the point that we only play against professionals when we take on the computer.

The upshot is that as of this writing I can't lift either arm above my head. Yes, it got so bad that I played the last couple of days southpaw.

Anyway, Donna and I voted, and by a tally of 2-0 we decided to buy one for ourselves. I hooked it up on Tuesday and my shoulders bitched at me the whole time. Babies. I assume I can work the controller with my foot.

The best part of the Wii is the creation of your avatars (called Miis). You can customize them in all sorts of ways including designing their faces. We spent a lot of time messing around with this feature, creating likenesses of ourselves, but also any crazy thing we can think of. I made likenesses of Shaft, Ahhhnold, Superfly, Darth Vader, a "gooback" from South Park and Abraham Lincoln. As you would expect, they are all awesome tennis players.


  1. It's pretty fun and a good work out! Jenny and I have been contemplating the purchase of a Wii for a couple months now...I think I have her talked into it.

  2. Yeah, we had a good time with it at Donna's parents' place. I'm more of an XBox kinda guy; the Mario-type platformers and Sonic and all that stuff doens't really interest me. But the sports games are kind of fun and there are a few games for it that can be considered distant cousins to the kind of games I play. And it's $300 (once you add in the extra controllers and games), so what the hell.

  3. I'm not really a video game fan, but quite honestly, I was just looking for a fun way to get a little exercise at home. I've played it at my sister's house and we had a great time. It gave me a little work out while drinking so I figured it has to be even better for me when I'm sober!

  4. You should try Wii Drink, Wii Funnel and Wii Pub Crawl.

  5. Yay!!! We like us some Wii. And although you're not a Mario fan, I think Donna might be, and the new Mario game for the Wii is pretty awesome.

  6. I know -- Macy and Donna both are shifting from foot to foot in anticipation. Unfortunately, there is not a single copy for sale in town right now. Even Amazon has it on backorder until Monday.