Monday, December 7, 2009

Building The Tower

Have you ever wondered what it's like to erect a ham radio tower? Of course you have; why else would you ever read this blog? When we were down in Georgia for Thanksgiving, I got to relive a part of my youth that I had apparently buried deep down inside, as I have no memory of having done it before.

Anyway, my various brothers and sisters and cousins and random passers-by all chipped in to allow my father to talk to that one guy in Turkmenistan that he couldn't reach before.

The antenna is actually a fallen part of SkyLab we found
lying in the backyard when we moved into the house.

Who needs "cranes"? Or "hardhats". Or "OSHA".

We took a a beer break, but then the supervisors
came by and threatened to take away our bonuses.

And finally, the elusive mating ritual of antenna and tower is
completed. With luck, they'll raise a healthy litter of young
and the species will endure.

In lieu of cash, we were paid in Krystals.
Worth. Every. Injury.

See the rest of the story here.

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