Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Macy is taking part in a program at school called Discovery. It is a special group to which one must be invited. As you can imagine, I am proud of her for being asked and she was excited as well. The group studies a special non-traditional area outside of the normal curriculum. This year, Macy is studying Scandinavian mythology. After learning about Odin and Thor, Asgard, and other staples of the genre, Macy was tasked with performing a play and teaching mythology to a group of first- and second graders. As a dry run for that, the parents were invited to a lunch-hour presentation.

Did I mention their were costumes involved?

Macy directs a student in the delicate art of ACTING!

I learned about the many creatures of Scandanavian mythology, participated in a short play, and got a tour of the home of Tulip, a troll Macy had "adopted" and taken care of as part of the program.

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