Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ten Years Gone

It was ten years ago this month that Microsoft bought Great Plains Software, absorbing into its unsatiable but ultimately benevolent maw the only company that would hire me for which I have plied my Computer Information Systems degree. A lot has changed in that time; the Fargo campus has grown to three buildings with two more rumored to be on the drawing board. Several valued men and women have left to start their own businesses. Other things have stayed the same. We still have the Holiday Wine and Cheese. Our products are still industry leaders. The grass in the parking lot medians only gets cut once a summer.

There's a big celebration planned for June, but in the meantime those of us who were here when the buyout took place received our "ten years at Microsoft" awards. They kind of look like something Superman used to learn about Krypton and weigh as much as a condominium. Pretty cool thing to put on the mantle, though.

My God... It's full of stars!

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