Sunday, April 18, 2010

Belle Of The Ball

Macy and I had a lovely time at the Butterfly Ball last night. For those not in the know, the Ball is a chance for fathers and daughters to get all dressed up and dance the night away. I got to take Macy up on stage as part of the Grand March and introduce her in front of about 500 people. We snacked on lots of good stuff, including chocolate fountains and cataloupe (Macy's favorite). The pretzels were apparently pretty agreeable as well. When plates temporarily became scarce, Macy was forced to improvise.

We shook our tail feathers to music provided by a DJ. How cool is Macy? She asked the DJ if he had anything by The Clash. He didn't, proving conclusively that Macy was cooler than him.

Macy was very impressed with the flowiness of her dress and I was tasked with twirling her at every opportunity on the dance floor. I managed to record a demonstration which I will now share with you.

Afterwards, as is our tradition, we went out to a late dinner and showed off our class and sophistication by munching on mozzarella sticks and spinach dip at Applebees, just like rich movie stars do. Despite some trepidation, Macy tried the dip and loves it, as I assured her she would. My steak came out somewhere on the well done scale between "hockey puck" and "volcanic remnant" so I had to send it back. I eat steak rare, but I'll tolerate anything up to medium. This was too much to be borne. The manager came out to tell me that I did indeed know the difference between rare and well done and that they would be bringing me another piece of cow immediately following the execution of the chef. Oh, and it would be free. It was probably the suit.

An interesting side note: I first tried to take her to Seasons At Rose Creek, a fancier (but not as fancy as the upper echelon of Fargo dining) place, and one at which I worked during college. There was no one at the hostess stand, the lights in the dining room were off (despite it being ten minutes after nine; the place closes at 10:00). We looked around, didn't see anybody and left.

We got home a little after ten, where Macy announced she would be sleeping in the next morning. Ah, the life of a debutante.


  1. Way Cool !!! While you were dapper, Macy was stunning and made you look good !!