Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DBR and the Horizon Middle School Orchestra

Macy and the rest of the Horizon Middle School orchestra performed at Fargo Assembly of God church last night, because apparently if you want enough room to seat all of grades 5-8 and their friends and family you have to use a church. (Seriously, if I attended  that church and they passed around the collection plate I would give my best watchoo talkin bout Willis look.)

The orchestra got to perform with a world-renowned composer and concert violinist, Daniel Bernard Roumain. It was a very cool performance, as DBR kept things moving and basically ad-libbed some great accompaniments to the songs (he only had about four hours across two days to work with the kids).

Macy is coming along with her violin playing, and it's reflected in the growing complexity of the pieces she's playing. Last night's selections were Double Trouble and the awesomely named Dragon Hunter.

I readily admit that I had trouble finding Macy during the first piece so if you don't recognize the people I zoom in on, that's okay; neither did I.

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