Sunday, July 24, 2011

Music Diaries: Muscle Shoals It Ain't

I've got an amp; the netbook is for
reading tabs; the atlas is for killing
spiders. No, really.
I have been plugging away at the guitar for about, what, ten weeks now. I am definitely making some progress. The next logical step after learning some chords and working on the transitions is to find some songs you want to learn -- some simpler ones -- and start practicing. Basically I find tabs on the internet, print them off and go down to my makeshift studio in the basement. I listen to the song on my mp3 player and play along until I get the feel for it. I ignore the solos, because well, I'm learning to walk. Flying comes later.

About my "studio": it's really a couple of chairs and a table in the basement (which is in the middle of repairs). It's far from clean, or comfortable, or, you know, nice. Oh well. It'll do for now. As for the playing, I'm not ready to headline Red Rocks yet, but I could probably make enough coin for a beer or two if I set up shop in a subway somewhere.


  1. I hear spectracide works better on spiders than an atlas, but it's not as cross-functional.

  2. This way I can give directions to where they're going.... HELL! (Or California, whichever is closer.)