Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday Tuesday Morning Awesomeness (6/14/2011)

Some links to start your day while I get ready to celebrate MJ's tenth birthday! This was supposed to post automatically Monday morning but for some reason it didn't. So, better late than never?

  • Someday the sun is going to explode and kill all life as we know it. Wanna see that on a micro scale? Of course you do!
  • What do you do when someone leaves a profanity-laden message on the answering machine of your movie theater complaining about being kicked out of a movie for texting? You play it before every movie as a warning to others!
  • This is probably fake since I can't figure out why she would post it, but it's pretty funny nonetheless. To sum up: she really cares deeply about cats and needs a date.
  • An Australian has built the perfect vehicle for outrunning stormtroopers on Endor.


  1. the cat lady is fake. she also posted this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkbJdTeU-SM.


  2. She really shouldn't have tried to hide the fact that she was a siamese twin in her dating video. Also, while I find her repugnant, her sister is kind of hot.