Monday, March 7, 2011

Macy's Letter To The Editor

So, a couple weekends ago Macy sat down in our living room and wrote a letter. She didn't have any particular reason, and it wasn't really for anyone's eyes, per se. She just felt like writing a letter.

She showed it to me and I told her she should send it to the local paper. Her eyes got wide; she had no idea such a thing was an option. I explained to her what an opinion page was (the whole paper nowadays, amirite?) and she was quite excited. She quickly wanted to know when we could do this. Since she did all the heavy lifting of coming up with the idea and writing it out longhand, I told her I would type it up for her. The condition was that I would type it exactly has she had written it; all the typos, warts and all. Actually, there were very few of those anyway.

As it turns out, her letter got printed in Saturday's Fargo Forum. You can view the electronic version here, but I'm going to reprint it in this post as the electronic version will only be available for free for seven days.