Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Michael Vick: A New Dog Could Help My Rehabilitation

Aww, isn't that cute.  He's so -- RUN

So, Michael Vick, quarterback, secret agent, sportsman, smuggler, financial genius, and ladies man, says in an interview with something called "The" that getting a new dog would be something he could get behind.  Because, you know, when someone treats something like crap, the best way to rehab is to get more of it.

In other news:
  • Charles Manson is thinking about adopting some hippies
  • Marion Barry was spotted Christmas shopping at a crack pipe superstore
  • Jesse James is eyeing a Gestapo uniform on eBay
  • David Hasselhoff could sure go for a burger and a bourbon
  • Nikki Sixx is reading up on that new heroin diet he's been hearing so much about
  • Kenny Rogers figures one more visit to the plastic surgeon couldn't hurt
  • Lindsay Lohan thinks that 2-for-1's at the Crown Bar are the perfect way to relax while she reads scripts

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