Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Videos From The Sioux Falls Tournament

There  weren't a lot of highlights for the Pumas in the Sioux Falls tournament, but I did get a few useable videos.  The first one is the most important: it's the one in which Macy finally learned the lesson that your hands are jsut as important while playing in goal as your feet.  The opposing team's striker nailed a shot that Macy expected to be low.  Instead it caught her right in the jaw.

She was hurt and tried to make her way off the field, but of course play hadn't stopped.  It turned out that she made a second save, inadvertently kicking the ball out of bounds.  I checked her out from afar; she wasn't bleeding so I stayed away.  Since the Puma's coach was by herself over there I thought I would go take car of Macy if it was serious.  No blood, no big deal, however.  Macy didn't reenter the game (which still had about seven minutes remaining), but I found out later this wasn't Macy's decision -- she wanted to go back in.

Thankfully, the next day the coach put her back in goal and she was fearless.  She threw herself on every ball and ran down everything in sight.  Last night we went out in the backyard and set up the new goal she got for her birthday and we did some drilling.  I think she wants to get good.

Anyway, here's the damage:

Here she is the next day making one of about 400 saves.  She doesn't seem gunshy to me:

And finally, here she is trying to chip in a crosser against the Moorhead U-10 team (10 year olds).  Their goalie was phenomenal and stopped a ton of shots.

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